Organic Kukicha Green Tea


Organic Kukicha tea / twig tea

One of the essential drinks in the kitchen, organic kukicha tea is a great way to stay healthy. Kukicha green tea is a Japanese green tea made from the parts of the Camellia sinensis tea plant. What makes kukicha tea unique is that it is made using the twigs and stems of the tea plant rather than the tea leaves. Today, it is a very popular tea enjoyed around the world because of its unique aroma and delicious taste. Compared to matcha and sencha, this green tea has less caffeine. In addition to being low in caffeine, traditional twig tea is a great choice for drinking green tea in the evening. 

Benefits of Japanese kukicha tea

  • – High content of calcium, which reaches 13%, is twice the calcium content in a cup of milk
  • – Its taste is mild and suitable to be drunk at all times
  • – You can even drink kukicha tea before bed without worrying about it causing insomnia.
  • – Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • – It gives power and energy to your body
  • – Reduces blood cholesterol
  • – Contains less caffeine
  • – The tea also helps skin problems
  • – Useful for patients with kidneys, bladder, heart disease, indigestion, general stress and nervous tension
  • – rich in calcium, protein, iron and vitamin A; c

Kukicha is your choice for good health. If you want a drink that can be enjoyed by adults and children then twig tea is the answer. Buy a healthy and a yummy drink for you and your family and enjoy a calm time during your day!




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