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Premium Membership

Monthly classic subscription plans

Ideal Diet offers a meal plan for weight loss for everyone who wants to lose weight in a healthy way, including 7 fresh and healthy meals, 6 days a week, membership includes:

  1. breakfast
  2. Main dish
  3. dinner
  4. Salad
  5. 3 snacks

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Loss fat with a healthy weight loss diet

Are you looking for a weight loss diet that helps you achieve your ideal weight?
Here you will find a diet plan for weight loss that is rich in useful nutrients to get the ideal body that enables you to resist diseases, and reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes. We offer a holistic membership ensuring you get your daily needs of proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats and minerals.

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Why you will sign up with us for the daily healthy meals from our centre (the Ideal Diet)?

  • Healthy meals

The Ideal Diet team consider that the healthy balanced diet will vary for each individual, depending on their body’s daily requirements. Individuals have different body mass composition, different metabolism rates and of course our dietitians take into consideration age, gender, lifestyle, physical activity, and health

  • High Protein Meals

A balanced diet meal focuses on protein, which increases feelings of fullness, maintains muscle mass, and provides energy for daily activities.

  • Sugar free snacks and processed foods

The Ideal Diet provides you with snacks that are free of sugar or low in sugar and low in fat, and replace it to fruits , nuts and deserts made with sweeteners low in calorie

  • meets daily need requirements

We do not exceed the maximum daily calorie needs of the body, except in some cases based on different goals.

  • use healthy fats in foods

We replace unhealthy saturated fats, which raise blood cholesterol levels and increase the risk of heart disease, with healthy fats found in natural oils, nuts and fish.

Maintain your fitness and ideal weight

Do you want change your lifestyle to a healthy life?

Ideal Diet is a permanent solution that changes your lifestyle and maintains your ideal weight, by improving your diet and change your bad food habits to healthy food habits that you can enjoy and adhere to even if you suffer from some physical diseases.

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What do we offer you in Premium Membership?

  • healthy meals

Ideal Diet provides you with a variety of nutritional meals, meets in the individual daily needs to be able to achieve your goals, whether by losing, gaining, or weight maintenance.

  • customers service

A technical staff specialized in providing a level of service that exceeds customer expectations, ready to respond to your inquiries and provide consultations that meet your needs.

  • Accuracy in delivery

Ideal Diet ensures that the deliveries are works hard on time, and delivery starts two days after membership is purchased

  • Nutritional advice

In the Ideal Diet, we offer you three nutritional consultations within one month membership, by qualified dietitians to help you reach the ideal body and reach your goals

  • low prices

Low priced subscription packages that suit all people, all you have to do is subscribe to the package and we take care of healthy foods.

Tired of being skinny and seeking a change?

Does a busy daily routine reduce your appetite and prevent you from eating?

we provide you with diet for weight gain (high calorie diet) that add to your body the daily calories that needs plus meets a healthy nutrients and vitamins, and also relieves you of preparing healthy meals and gives you a diet for weight gain with a variety of meals, even when you are out of the house.

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