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Be healthy throughout your pregnancy

Maternal and fetal health is achieved through balanced and nutritious food.

Eating well is one of the best things you can do before and during pregnancy. Good nutrition helps you handle the extra demands on your body as your pregnancy progresses. 

The mother is fully responsible for feeding her fetus during the various stages of pregnancy, and the eating well during the pregnancy plays a major role in forming the tissues of the fetus and ensuring its health and safety.

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Pregnancy Care and diet

During pregnancey, the average of weight gain is 10 kg to 12.5 kg and the amount of weight gain differs by trimester.

It is important to monitor and maintain the mother’s weight throughout the pregnancy. Following a healthy diet plan helps the mother maintain a appropriate increase of weight. If the mother gains too much weight at some point, following with a nutritionist is helpful to safely monitor and ensure the mother’s food intake is appropriate.

During pregnancy it is important to make sure the mother get a healthy meals, and the meals should supply all the vitamins and minerals you need during pregnancy. 

The ideal diet team is here for you to help you in your choices to be more healthier. 

full day of meals delivered to your door 6 days a week or even 7 days if you like.


The Maternity Membership includes:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Salad
  • 3 snacks

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Why the mother sign up with us for a meal plan from Ideal Diet?

  1. Balanced meals with appropriate calories 

We create a diet that is rich with nutrients and everything the mother needs to maintain healthy weight and to appropriate natural weight gain. With a specialized diet we help provide pregnant women with their nutritional needs, and we help ensure we reduce the risk of gaining extra weight and the obesity problems after childbirth.

  1. Reducing common pregnancy problems

We provide meals that are appropriate for pregnancy and that take into account the common problems that occur during pregnancy, including heartburn, constipation and nausea. A balanced diet also helps avoid pregnancy related diabetes and other health problems. 

  1. Enhancing immunity throughout pregnancy

The maternity diet that we offer is rich in vitamins and minerals, especially iron, which helps in prevent anaemia. A balanced diet helps strengthen pregnant women’s immunity in order to avoid diseases and infections, protecting the baby throughout the journey of pregnancy.

  1. Accelerate the postpartum recovery

Early pregnancy care and nutrition is necessary to speed up the postpartum recovery and restore the body’s natural state after childbirth. Having a healthy pregnancy helps enable the body to recover faster and more smoothly.

  1. Reducing risks of birth defects 

A balanced diet during pregnancy with food rich in folic acid, calcium and nutritional supplements reduces the risks of your baby having birth defects and ensures the birth of a healthy child.

 What do we offer you during your pregnancy with the maternity membership?

  1. Healthy food

Ideal Diet provides you with a variety of nutritional value meals that your body needs throughout pregnancy to face the challenges of pregnancy and the formation of the healthy growth of the baby

  1. Customers service

A technical staff specialised in providing a level of service that exceeds customer expectations, ready to respond to your inquiries and provide consultations that meet your needs throughout working hours from 7am to 9pm every day but Fridays.

  1. Accuracy in delivery

Ideal Diet ensures that deliveries are at a time that suits you in this important stage of your life. Once you sign up, delivery starts two days after you sign up for your membership.

  1. Nutritional consultations

During your membership you will get 3 nutritional consultations, answered by licensed nutritionists to help answer all your questions and make sure you have all the information you need for the health of you and your baby.

  1. Reasonable Pricing

Our memberships are high quality but we ensure the pricing is reasonable so healthy lifestyles and food are accessible to everyone. Sign up today

Do you plan for pregnancy and don’t have experience in proper nutrition?

Let us help you by providing daily meals and maternity snacks to nourish your baby and to ensure you gain the right amount of weight throughout your pregnancy. We are here to help you assist you in having a healthy pregnancy and healthy body after pregnancy through nutrition.

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