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Healthy food is the greatest treasure you can give your child

 If you find it difficult to give your children healthy choices, let us help you and provide you with healthy meals for kids that contain all the nutrients they need, such as vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats. And this meets their daily needs reqiurements.

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Proper growth with nutritious food

Following a diet plan for kids is very important to ensure their proper growth, enhance their immune system, and protect them from disease and infection. Ideal Diet provides you with an integrated healthy kids food that commensurate with their age and health condition.


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Lunch Box Meals for children

Preparing your kids lunch box can’t get any easier. Receive a lunch box packed with healthy meals for kids daily from Saturday to Thursday, delivered to your home easily. Membership includes 8 small meals to all the day:

  1. pre-breakfast.
  2. breakfast
  3. snack 1which consist of (fruit)
  4. snack 2 which consist of (labanah or hummus with vegetables)
  5. salad
  6. lunch
  7. dessert
  8. dinner.

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Why do you get healthy kids’ food from an Ideal Diet?


  1. Nutrient rich meals

We set a monthly healthy diet plan for kids that contains healthy daily meals made from fresh ingredients to ensure your child gets sufficient nutrients and vitamins for proper and safe development of growth of your child.


  1. Allergy-friendly meals

We prepare healthy meals for kids who are suffering from allergies, and provide safe alternatives.


  1. Low-Calorie Meals

We provide a balanced diet plan for kids by calculating the daily calories, and by avoiding sugars and saturated fats, in order to safely lose weight, gain or maintain it.


  1. Whole grain foods

To improve a child’s digestion and strengthen his or her immune system, we try to incorporate whole grains rather than white flour or rice, to provide the body with the carbohydrates and fibers it needs.


  1. Low sodium foods

We take into account the child’s body’s need for sodium and do not exceed the permissible limit. We try to use alternative



Regain your child’s lost appetite

Your child loses his appetite and doesn’t want to eat?

If your child is a picky eater, then either he doesn’t like the food, or the nutrients provided to him are not sufficient. Now the ideal Diet provides your child with a daily diet plan for kids, rich in vitamins and healthy integrated minerals, and creative colors that increase your child’s appetite.

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What do we offer you?

  1. Healthy meals

Ideal Diet provides your child with meals that contain nutritional value and elements, with delicious flavors that the child can accept, and it is colorful and beautifully arranged to attract the child.

  1. Customers service

A technical staff specialized in providing a level of service that exceeds customer expectations, ready to respond to your inquiries and provide consultations that meet your needs.

  1. Shipping Accuracy

Ideal Diet ensures that deliveries are on time that suit the mother

and delivery starting 2 days after purchasing the membership.

  1. low cost

Low priced subscription packages for children that suit all parents. All you have to do is subscribe to the package and we cook and manage delivering healthy meals on time.

  1. Consultations with our Nutritionists  

Throughout your child’s membership we offer you the complimentary option of consultations with a nutritionist who will guide them step by step explanations throughout the membership and ensure they get the right educational guidance. We also offer analysis of their body mass using the InBody 770 which is a painless process where they stand on a high tech weighing scale like machine.


It is not just proper nutrition, but a healthy life that starts from childhood

Whether your child suffers from malnutrition or obesity, we have a diet for weight loss and gain weights.

We treat both cases according to carefully systems that suit the child’s age and health condition, and we harness our energies and nutritional expertise to build a healthy life for child from an early age

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