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Restore your fitness after birth with only healthy breastfeeding meals

Are you breastfeeding your newborn and wondering about a healthy diet plan for breastfeeding moms?
Here is a diet for healthy breastfeeding, designed to help the mother eat nutritious foods, reduce the trouble of preparing them, and reduce excess weight due to pregnancy, it also affects the child’s health positively and provides him with his health needs.

Get a healthy breastfeeding meal plan.

healthy meals for breastfeeding moms
Healthy meals for nursing mothers include a balanced set of daily meals which delivered to the mother home and reduce the effort expended in preparing healthy and integrated food to regain the agility as it was before pregnancy and childbirth, and provide her child with all the nutrients for growth and strengthening the immune system, the ideal diet team is ready to prepare the daily meal box for 6 days a week. Membership includes:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Salad
  • 3 snacks

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Why sign up for the healthy diet plan for breastfeeding moms?

  • healthy nutritional meals

The Ideal Diet provides healthy food for breastfeeding moms, rich in nutrients and calories needed to convert food into milk that nourishes the child with integrated nutrients.

  • Harmless nutrients

In the Ideal Diet, we avoid foods that harm the infant and cause colic or irritating gases, such as cauliflower and cabbage.

  • Natural fibre meals

We made a healthy diet for a breastfeeding mom, rich in grains and whole seeds because they contain minerals and vitamins without causing dehydration or constipation.

  • Low salty foods

We offer a diet for healthy breastfeeding with low-salty foods fortified with iodine, to avoid bloating or fluid retention in the mother’s body.

  • Milk-producing meals

We offer a healthy diet plan for lactating mothers that helps the body produce nutritious milk for the baby, containing proteins and vitamins, without affecting the taste and smell of the milk.

What nutrients do you find in healthy breastfeeding foods?
Calories needed to produce milk by 500 calories/day
Proteins by 3 meals a day, equivalent to 15 g / day
Vitamin C and vitamin A found in fruits and leafy vegetables
Calcium and phosphorus are needed to maintain the bones of a nursing mother
Omega 3 for promoting a child’s brain development

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Breastfeeding is an opportunity to burn calories

Do you want to lose weight without following a strict diet?
Breastfeeding alone burns a lot of calories and fat stored in the body during pregnancy, for this reason there is no need to abstain from food to lose weight. Rather, it is sufficient for you to follow a healthy diet plan for breastfeeding moms that relies on proper healthy nutrition that helps you recover faster after childbirth, and nourishes your baby with the nutrients necessary for its proper growth.

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What do we offer for breastfeeding women?
Healthy food
Ideal Diet provides you with nutritional value meals that the body needs through the lactation period to provide the mother with the energy needed to generate milk and feed the infant.

customers service
A technical staff specialized in providing a level of service that exceeds customer expectations, ready to respond to your inquiries and consultations that meet your needs.

Accuracy in delivery
Ideal Diet ensures that deliveries are on time that suit the nursing mothers, and delivery starts two days after membership is purchased.

Nutritional consultation
In an ideal diet, you will get 3 nutritional consultations within the membership, answered by qualified health food experts to help the breastfeeding woman obtain proper nutrition for her health and her fetus.

low cost
Low priced meals to all breastfeeding women in time, all you have to do is subscribe to the package and we take care of healthy foods.

Mother for the first time?
Whether or not this is your first breastfeeding experience, you definitely need healthy breastfeeding foods, to meet your body’s needs for important nutrients to combat postpartum depression, and to produce energy to convert food into milk needed to nourish the baby and burn fat and calories in your body.

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